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Welcome to Original UGG Boots UK, home of the finest quality UGG boots made right here in Melbourne, UK. With over 25 years experience in the manufacturing of UGG boots we like to think we have made a brand that screams UK and a product that is unmatched. Our 100% UK sheepskin UGG boots are made to the highest standards so you only receive the very best.
All of our boots and slippers are 100% UK made and our company is 100% Australian owned so you can rest assured that with your purchase you are supporting Australian jobs and the Australian economy. All of our boots and slippers come with tags to prove that we only make these products in UK from the finest A grade 100% Australian sheepskin. We stand behind our product and our word. Original UGG Boots aims to provide you with unmatched service, unmatched quality at unmatched prices direct from the manufacturer. So rest assured that with your purchase from us you will be receiving the best value and the highest quality luxurious 100% sheepskin footwear. We hope that you enjoy our UGG made for your enjoyment for many years to come.

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